A Silent Voice (Koe No Katachi)

Source : manga by Yoshitoki Ōima
Written by: Reiko Yoshida
Studio: Kyoto Animation
Genre: Drama, Romance, Slice of life.
Movie duration: 2h 9m 16s


Shōya Ishida : The bully who is trying to redeem himself.
Shōko Nishimiya : The deaf girl.
Yuzuru Nishimiya : The tomboy with camera.
Tomohiro Nagatsuka : The loner who gets bullied often.
Naoka Ueno : The black haired bully.


Shōya Ishida alone with his friends, were living their carefree life during their elementary school. As their daily mischiefs became repetitive everything grew monotonous. All of these changed when Shōko Nishymiya, a deaf girl transferred to their school. It was like he got a new source of entertainment. He along with the other classmate started bullying her to ease their boredom. Nishymiya, out of her insecurities, was always tolerant and quick to apologize even when it wasn’t her fault. Soon the grown ups came to know about the bullying. Everyone in the class singled out Shōya as the sole culprit. He tried to defend himself by saying that everyone in the class was along with him. By doing so, everyone turned against him and started bulling him the same way he did to Shōko. Still Shōko tried to defend Shōya from the bullying, unaware of this he misbehaves with her, which results in her getting transfer from that school. It is then he understood his mistakes and began his path of  redemption.


“What goes around, comes around.”
– Shōya

“Friendship don’t gotta do with no rules or qualifications cause it’s about
something deeper,
a bond and you just can’t break that, capeesh?
– Tomohiro Nagatsuka

“Life can be hard sometimes but its like that for everyone but the thing is, you have to accept the bad parts of yourself with the good and just move forward.”
– Miki Kawai

“even though certain things can make life difficult sometimes, that doesn’t means they are worth dying over.”

“I figured the least I could do is try.”

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