AniDB is the ultimate place to look for everything related to your favorite anime. AniDB is a database of anime information that is free for the general public. Along with being a database, AniDB is also a platform where you can provide information about any anime and sign up to interact with other anime users on the platform. You can also organize your anime collection and sort them out accordingly.

You will also be able to keep a track about how much you like a particular anime and other stuff. A good feature and particularly one of the best features of AniDB is that it has a dedicated voting system. This voting system allows you to vote for almost anything on the database including anime, episodes, reviews, and groups-per-anime.

You can also contribute to the AniDB by adding new anime entries to help other users across the platform. If you know any particular anime that is currently not listed on AniDB then you can add it to the database and provide relevant information about it. Beware that is only a discussion and informative website and it does not host any files for download or link to any files for download. AniDB provides you information about different animes, their episodes, and characters but nothing illegal.

If you have any question about any anime or any specific episode or any character (old or new) then you can always discuss it with others users on the forums and they will be able to help you accordingly. AniDB is the ultimate platform for anime lovers to discuss their favorite anime and to get information about any particular anime or any of its episodes or its characters.

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