Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO)

Source : manga by Tooru Fujisawa.
Genre : Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Slice of Life
Written by: Masashi Sogo
Studio: Pierrot
Episodes: 43
Duration: 25 m+


Onizuka a former bike gang leader, has set his eyes on becoming the great teacher for the purpose of meeting sexy high school girls. Only to get disappointed as he gets assigned to “Class O”, a group of delinquents and blackmailers, and ends resigning. After a seres of bizarre incidents he gets another job in Holy Forest Academy, only to end up as a home room teacher of another barbaric class. This time he took a different approach by embarking  on a mission of self-discovery by breaking through to each student one-by-one, and helping each student to overcome the student’s problems and learn to genuinely enjoy life. He uses methods that would be unorthodox, against the law, and also life-threatening, yet somehow, he manages to succeed in educating and opening up his students.


“its not even funny to be late from the day one.” – onizuka
“if you take control at the beginning, the rest is easy!” -onizuka


Source : manga by Hideaki Sorachi
Genre : Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Slice of Life, Magic, Supernatural, Sci-Fi
Written by: Akatsuki Yamatoya
Studio: Sunrise( 1-265) Bandai Namco Pictures (266-present)
Episodes: on going
Duration: 24 m+


Gintama: silver haired samurai
Shimura  Shinpachi: tagged along gintama to learn the ways of samurai but ended up as a nanny.
Kagura: alien girl


The anime is a parody with some heavy emotional moments slipped in. The story is set in a ‘parallel’ universe where an aliens group called Amanto has taken over the feudal Japan and banned Samurais to use swords. Sataka Gintoki aka Gin Tama, is a retired Samurai, who now runs an odd jobs ‘company’ to pay the rent for staying at Otose’s, has teamed up with Shimura  Shinpachi and Kagura, to run the odd jobs.

(P.S. The anime often gets contrasting reviews, I won’t deny that beginning of the seasons can often get boring but if you stick with it, it gets more and more hilarious with every episode.)

Sweetness and Lightning

sweetness and lightning
Amaama to Inazuma
Source : manga by Gido Amagakure
Genre : Slice of Life
Written by: Mitsutaka Hirota
Studio: TMS Entertainment
Episodes: 12
Duration:24 min


Inuzuka Kōhei: kind hearted and hard working high school teacher and single father.
Inuzuka Tsumugi: daughter of kohei
Iida Kotori: a high school student.
Kojika Shinobu: kotori’s friend.
Yagi Yūsuke: kohei’s friend.


This a light-hearted slice of life anime where Kohei, who’s wife passed away recently, is learning to take care of his daughter Tsumugi. Kohei being a busy teacher mostly bought ready-made meals for his daughter, but soon gets frustrated at his own incapability to provide a fresh, nutritious meal for his daughter and accepts a the offer of kotori to cook together. Thus kohei gets to feed Tsumugi home made food and kotori get’s to keep her deserted family restaurant.    


“Making a cute face doesn’t makes it ok.”
-Inuzuka Kōhei

“i take responsibility for my failures.”
-Inuzuka Kōhei

“they do say that both bad men and sweet sweets are alluring, but what’s wrong with being normal? Normal, plain sweets that aren’t too sweet.. they are good too!”
-ida Kotori

“i thought donuts were difficult, ‘cause I  didn’t know if they were a snack or a meal. But from now on, I know they’re a happy thing that I eat on my days off with daddy!”

Your Name

your name
Kimi no Na wa
Source : Original
Genre :Adventure,Drama,Romance,Supernatural
Written by: Makoto Shinkai
Studio: CoMix Wave Films
Duration: 1h 40m


Taki Tachibana : Highschool boy living in Tokyo.
Mitsuha Miyamizu: Highschool girl living in Itomori.
Hitoha Miyamizu: Mitsuha’s grandmother and head of the Miyamizu family shrine.
Yotsuha Miyamizu: Mitsuha’s younger sister.


The anime revolves around the incident which took place in Itomori, knows as Itomori impact event. In which a comet named Tiamat, which has an orbital period of 1,200 years, miraculously manages to split up and hit Itomori. The Itomori lake is also made by one such collision 2000 years ago. People in the Miyamizu lineage dreams( switches body from people in the future) to warn against the comet Tiamat but as they wake  up the memories of the dream fades away.

This story is about how Taki and Mitsuha finds out the purpose of their ‘dreams’ and how they manages to save the people of Itomori while gradually falling in love with each other.


The chords represent the flow of time they twist and tangle, unravel and connect, and that’s what time is.
-Hitoha Miyamizu(sub)

Cherish the experience. Dreams fade away after you wake up.
-Hitoha Miyamizu (dub)

The Garden of Words

The Garden of Words
Kotonoha no Niwa
Source : original
Genre :Drama, Romance
Written by: Makoto Shinkai
Studio: CoMix Wave Films
Duration : 46m


Takao Akizuki: ambitious 15 years old boy
Yukari Yukino: mysterious Japanese literature teacher


This anime is a budding love story of Akao Akizuki a 15 years old high schooler, with a passion for shoe making and used to escape from school during rainy mornings to Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. There he comes across Yukari Yukino a mysterious young lady, who happened to be classic Japanese literature teacher in the same school. Yukino being too kind and gentle for her own good, was bullied by some senior students as one of the student’s lover fell for her. The matter got so much out of hand that she got into depression and was forced to resign. The story proceeds by showing how they both get a balance in their respective lives by supporting each other morally.


“I promise I am saner than most, just another human being full of quirks, little foibles.”
-Yukari Yukino(dub)

“Teenagers’ interests changes on a whim.”
-takao’s brother(sub)


(Mirai no Mirai, Mirai of the Future)
Source : original
Genre :Adventure,Slice of Life, Supernatural
Written by: Mamoru Hosoda
Studio: Studio Chizu
Duration: 1h 38 m


Kun: the young protagonist
Mirai: siter of the protagonist
Yukko: the dog


The anime reveals the story of a young boy, kun. How his life took a dramatic twist with a hint of fantasy when his family added a young sister . There exist a tree  from generations in their house and every time he faced a situation, the tree acted like a time machine taking him to a time where he could learn from the  experience of his ancestors to face the situations.



“When people cooperate with each other, it brings them closer together .“

“Its more fun when it’s messier.”
-the mother

“There is a first time for everything.”
-the dad

“Look straight ahead, don’t look down no matter what.”
-the great grandpa

Spirited Away

Spirited Away
(Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi, Sen and Chihiro’s Spiriting Away)

Source : original
Genre : supernatural, adventure
Written by:Hayao Miyazaki
Studio: Studio Ghibli
Duration: 2h


Chihiro: the sullen 10 years old girl.
Haku: the spirit of kohaku river.
Yubaba: a sorceress who ruled by stealing people’s names.
Kamaji: slave to the boilers that heats the bath.
Lin: yuna worker.
Zeniba: twin of yubaba.
Akio: chihiro’s father.
Yūko: chihiro’s mother.
Boh: yubaba’s baby.


As the Ogino family were moving to a sub-urban area they missed a turn and came across a tunnel. The tunnel led them to a place which seemed to be a different world at the break of dusk. They found streets filled with restaurant opened for service but had neither servants nor customers. Hungry from the journey Akio and Yūko helped themselves with some food while curious chihiro  went to explore the place, when she came across Haku who insisted in being a childhood friend of chihiro.  Yubaba cursed akio and Yūko ,turning them into pigs and capturing them slaughter, thus begin chihiro’s venture to find a way to turn her parents back into humans and return to human world.


“One rose isn’t a bouquet.”

“It’s fun to move to a new place, it’s an adventure.”
-Yūko (sub)

Boogiepop and Others

Boogiepop and Others
 ( Boogiepop 2019, Boogiepop wa Warawanai )

Source :
 light novel written by Kouhei Kadono
and illustrated by Kouji Ogata
Genre : Mystery, Psychological,Supernatural
Written by: Tomohiro Suzuki
Studio: Madhouse
Episodes: 18
Duration: 23m 40s each



MPLS: Naturally evolved humans who possess special abilities.
Boogiepop : The split personality of Touka Miyashita.
Echoes: An alien who came evaluate the humanity.
Nagi Kirima: Daughter of Seiichi Kirima, a psychology author,
who later became an MPLS with messiah “complex”.



Birds fly because there aren’t many other things that fly as freely as them, cause If you have nothing competing with you, you can keep surviving. Likewise modern society is fighting to keep the future from happening . Successors are more developed than their predecessors. That is evolution. MPLS are people who posses such possibilities, and are threat to the modern society. This is the race for survival.

Towa organisation is a system that observes and conduct experiments all around the world, through endless research they was able to create countless synthetic human beings but the basis of their research remained top secret, a drug that accelerate human evolution (which often leads to death). Their ultimate aim is to  track down what ever it was that gave human their intelligence and it wants to detect whatever is next.

Miyashita touka one such MPLS, was mistaken by kuroda shinpei as a reaper during his dying moment and eventually got the name boogiepop. Like split personality disorder, boogiepop takes over miyashita’s body when ever it detects adversities to humanity and slays the evil without having any mercy.



” Adapting yourself to society is essentially being brainwashed to meet societal expectations, and you don’t even know by whom.”

“The end of the beginning is also the beginning of the end.”

” A lot of stuff happened and i quit being normal.”
-Kirima Nagi

“you shouldn’t let your past hold you back too long, if you get too obsessed it’ll end up a curse.”
-Kirima Nagi




Grave of the Fireflies (Hotaru no Haka)

Grave of the Fireflies (Hotaru no Haka)
Source: short story by Akiyuki Nosaka.
Genre: tragedy, drama
Written by: Isao Takahata
Studio: Studio Ghibli
Duration: 1h 30m+


Seita: The brother
Setsuko: the sister


This story is heart wrenching semi-autobiography of akiyuki nozaka. The protagonist, Seita after constant struggle for survival during the second world war, dies due to starvation. After his death his soul reunites with his sister, Setsuko, who died out of malnutrition few months before his own death. Together the revisits the memories of their struggles, how they lost their home, their parents and themselves to the war. And how only after their death, they found their happy ending.


Source : manga by Masao Ōtake.
Genre : Comedy, Slice of Life, Supernatural.
Written by: Keiichirō Ōchi
Studio: FEEL
Episodes: 12
Duration: 24m each.


Hina: the lazy and dumb telekinetic girl who lacks basic courtesy.
Yoshifumi Nitta: the yakuza who got stuck with hina
Anzu: the aggressive telekinetic girl who later turned humble.
Hitomi Mishima: the studious bookish girl during day and bartender at night
Utako Sakura: the bartender
Mao: the telekinetic girl who does martial arts.


This anime unfolds the series of events which led after a mysterious telekinetic girl, Hina enters Yoshifumi Nitta, a yakuza’s life and totally turned it upside down. The speciality of this anime is that despite of being yakuza’s involved, it is a heartwarming and hilarious show and as the series progress you will notice that most of the characters have their individual story in this anime.


“No matter where you go winner is the one who makes money.”

“No one is going to stop just because you tell them to.”


“Out in the world of grown ups when you do good work you get a reward to match.”

“The memories of the time you all spent together, those are priceless gifts.”
– anzu’s foster father.(dub)