Boogiepop and Others

 ( Boogiepop 2019, Boogiepop wa Warawanai )

Source :
 light novel written by Kouhei Kadono
and illustrated by Kouji Ogata
Genre : Mystery, Psychological,Supernatural
Written by: Tomohiro Suzuki
Studio: Madhouse
Episodes: 18
Duration: 23m 40s each



MPLS: Naturally evolved humans who possess special abilities.
Boogiepop : The split personality of Touka Miyashita.
Echoes: An alien who came evaluate the humanity.
Nagi Kirima: Daughter of Seiichi Kirima, a psychology author,
who later became an MPLS with messiah “complex”.



Birds fly because there aren’t many other things that fly as freely as them, cause If you have nothing competing with you, you can keep surviving. Likewise modern society is fighting to keep the future from happening . Successors are more developed than their predecessors. That is evolution. MPLS are people who posses such possibilities, and are threat to the modern society. This is the race for survival.

Towa organisation is a system that observes and conduct experiments all around the world, through endless research they was able to create countless synthetic human beings but the basis of their research remained top secret, a drug that accelerate human evolution (which often leads to death). Their ultimate aim is to  track down what ever it was that gave human their intelligence and it wants to detect whatever is next.

Miyashita touka one such MPLS, was mistaken by kuroda shinpei as a reaper during his dying moment and eventually got the name boogiepop. Like split personality disorder, boogiepop takes over miyashita’s body when ever it detects adversities to humanity and slays the evil without having any mercy.



” Adapting yourself to society is essentially being brainwashed to meet societal expectations, and you don’t even know by whom.”

“The end of the beginning is also the beginning of the end.”

” A lot of stuff happened and i quit being normal.”
-Kirima Nagi

“you shouldn’t let your past hold you back too long, if you get too obsessed it’ll end up a curse.”
-Kirima Nagi




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