Canada Launches First-Ever Moon Rover to Search for Frozen Water

Canada is set to put itself at the forefront of space exploration with its first-ever moon rover, which could help reveal the moon's dark side.[0] The Canadian Press/HO-University of Alberta, 2022 Canadensys Aerospace Corp., *MANDATORY CREDIT*.[1]

In November, it was decided that Canadensys would construct the lunar rover and provide assistance with the scientific instruments intended for transport to the moon in Ottawa.[2] The mission's lead investigator, Gordon Osinski, is preparing to send a 30-kilogram rover to the south polar region of the moon in search of preserved frozen water, possibly a few meters below the surface and mixed into the soil.

Chris Herd, a University of Alberta planetary geologist and scientific investigator on the mission, believes that the discovery of ice could act as a stepping-stone for further explorations of the solar system, including missions staffed by humans.[0] He said frozen water “can be extracted and used as a resource for the astronauts to survive” and split into hydrogen and oxygen for fuel, reducing the cost of bringing supplies from Earth.[2]

Scientists will not only be looking for solid water, but would be investigating the composition of the moon’s rocky surface, characterizing the radiation environment and taking high-resolution images, said Sallaberger.[0] Osinski also said there could be other countries launching their rovers to the far side of the moon before Canada's goes, but he said it's still “incredibly exciting.”[0]

The costs of the missions have come down to what they were in the 1960s, when everything was government funded.[0]

“I almost have to keep pinching myself at times,” Osinski said.[0] I have been striving for this goal for the past few decades.[0] On March 4, 2023, The Canadian Press released this report.[3] Canadian rover helping in global search for frozen water on dark side of the moon.

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