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Uncovering the Secrets of the Woodcock’s Brilliant White Plumage

What is the process by which woodcocks create the most dazzling white plumage patches among birds?[0] Journal: Journal of The Royal Society Interface[0] 10.1098/rs[1] 0. “Stunning Woodcock Is Now The Brightest Bird Known To Science” IFLScience, 2 Mar. 2023, 1. “Woodcocks have the brightest white feathers ever measured”, 1 Mar. 2023,

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Recent Research Reveals Neanderthal Migratory Pathways, Iran a Potential Meeting Point

Recent research has revealed the pathways used by Neanderthals as they migrated out of Europe, with researchers identifying Iran as a potential meeting point between these three related species. Elham Ghasidian et al, in their study titled ‘Modelling Neanderthals’ Dispersal Routes from Caucasus Towards East’, used computer-based least-cost-path modelling for the Neanderthal dispersal routes from […]

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