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NASA and Axiom Space Unveil Prototype of Artemis Mission Spacesuit: The AxEMU

On Wednesday (March 15th, 2023), NASA and its contractor Axiom Space unveiled the prototype of the spacesuit that astronauts will wear during the Artemis missions to the Moon.[0] Called the Axiom Extravehicular Mobility Unit (AxEMU), the suit builds on NASA’s spacesuit technology while incorporating the latest technology, enhanced mobility, and protection from the Lunar environment.[1] […]

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Firefly Aerospace Selected for 2026 Moon Mission

NASA has selected Firefly Aerospace to land multiple payloads on the far side of the Moon and to place a European satellite into lunar orbit.[0] The Texas-based company was awarded a $112 million task order through the Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) program for the 2026 mission.[1] Firefly’s Blue Ghost mission will use a two-stage […]

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The Discovery of Prehistoric Sea Creatures and the Age of Dinosaurs

The origins of a mysterious group of prehistoric sea creatures have recently been revealed to be much younger than previously thought.[0] Researchers from Durham University, U.K., and Yunnan University and Guizhou University in China discovered that the fossilized remains of these creatures—formerly believed to be Bryozoans—are actually green algae.[1] The discovery of the oldest Ichthyosaur—an […]

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Breakthrough Discovery of Room Temperature Superconductor ‘Reddmatter’

Incredible materials possessing superconductivity have remarkable implications. Once attained, these materials can enable electricity to flow with no resistance, therefore no energy is lost.[0] Materials typically become superconductive at very low temperatures. The pursuit to discover a superconductor that can operate at room temperature is still going, and is not without its fair share of […]

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