Source : manga by Hideaki Sorachi
Genre : Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Slice of Life, Magic, Supernatural, Sci-Fi
Written by: Akatsuki Yamatoya
Studio: Sunrise( 1-265) Bandai Namco Pictures (266-present)
Episodes: on going
Duration: 24 m+


Gintama: silver haired samurai
Shimura  Shinpachi: tagged along gintama to learn the ways of samurai but ended up as a nanny.
Kagura: alien girl


The anime is a parody with some heavy emotional moments slipped in. The story is set in a ‘parallel’ universe where an aliens group called Amanto has taken over the feudal Japan and banned Samurais to use swords. Sataka Gintoki aka Gin Tama, is a retired Samurai, who now runs an odd jobs ‘company’ to pay the rent for staying at Otose’s, has teamed up with Shimura  Shinpachi and Kagura, to run the odd jobs.

(P.S. The anime often gets contrasting reviews, I won’t deny that beginning of the seasons can often get boring but if you stick with it, it gets more and more hilarious with every episode.)

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