In This Corner of the World (Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni)

Source: manga by Fumiyo Kono
Written by: Sunao Katabuchi & Chie Uratani
Studio: MAPPA
Genre: Drama, Tragedy, Slice of life.
Movie duration: 2h 25m



Suzu Hojo: The day dreamer.
Shusaku Hojo: Suzu’s husband.
Sumi Urano: Suzu’s sister.
Tetsu Mizuhara: Suzu’s childhood love.
Keiko Kuromura: Shusaku’s elder sister.
Harumi Kuromura:Keiko’s daughter.


The story is sort of fragments from the diary entries of an air-headed girl who lived during second world war, few years before the Hiroshima bombing. It reveals how she goes on with her life during such a harsh period. She had to make hard choices and suffer but she stays strong and deals them in her own way. It also shows how much the people during that period had to suffer, they lost their homes and even loved ones, only to compromise with the fact that  their hardships and loss served no purpose as  Japan surrendered to the enemies when they got defeated. The story ends on a happy note as they do not give in to the heartaches and moves on and even fill in some voids in their life created by the war.             

Fun fact:

According to some sources the landscapes which were destroyed due to the Hiroshima bombing is accurately revived in the anime.


“It is a waste to cry. It is a waste of salt.” – Karia & Suzu

“Even in war cicadas cry and butterflies fly.” -Suzu

“The past and the paths we did not choose, I guess they really are like a dream if you think about it.” – Shusaku 

“Just remember one thing you can’t lose your place in this world so easily.” -Rinn

“Stay ordinary and  same in this world until the very end.” -Tetsu

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