Source:Comic by RUN aka Guillaume Renard.
Studio:Ankama Animations & Studio 4°C.
Genre: Supernatural, Action.
Movie duration: 1h 34m


Angelino- The bug eyed main character.
Vinz- The skull on fire.
Willy- loud weird clown in cat costume.
Mister K- The leader of Machos.
Bruce Macchabe -the leader of men in black.
Luna- a hybrid girl opposite of Angelino.
Masked wrestlers- descendant of an elite tribe who wage war against evil in shadows.


Machos, born from the dark matter of the universe and feed on negative energies . The earth being an inexhaustible source of negative energy, they are trying to conquer and exploit it, for making this mission possible they made a pact with the power hungry probably to establish an authority but they never trusted humans fully. Thus the machos started kidnapping the most brilliant minds to make human-macho hybrids, who can feel neither fear not pain, who are unburdened by conscience so they can slowly replace those humans with their own kind. But their plans suffered a threat when Angelino’s father breed with a human and thus giving birth to Angelino, who according to professor Fagor has potentially limitless random inherited traits one of which being distinguishing machos from humans. 


“Noways! No doctors, they just make you pay for bad news.”
– Angelino 

“I just wanna be a somebody.”
– Angelino

“ See boys, follow your brains instead of your dick.”
– Bruce Macchbe

“Stop looking for meanings where it isn’t any, you are gonna drive yourself totally nuts with that shit.”
-El Tigre

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