(Mirai no Mirai, Mirai of the Future)
Source : original
Genre :Adventure,Slice of Life, Supernatural
Written by: Mamoru Hosoda
Studio: Studio Chizu
Duration: 1h 38 m


Kun: the young protagonist
Mirai: siter of the protagonist
Yukko: the dog


The anime reveals the story of a young boy, kun. How his life took a dramatic twist with a hint of fantasy when his family added a young sister . There exist a tree  from generations in their house and every time he faced a situation, the tree acted like a time machine taking him to a time where he could learn from the  experience of his ancestors to face the situations.



“When people cooperate with each other, it brings them closer together .“

“Its more fun when it’s messier.”
-the mother

“There is a first time for everything.”
-the dad

“Look straight ahead, don’t look down no matter what.”
-the great grandpa