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Unveiling a Colossal Map of the Universe: DESI Legacy Imaging Surveys Tenth Data Release

Scientists have released a [1]colossal[1] map of the universe, featuring over one billion galaxies.[0] The tenth data release from the Department of Energy[1]s Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI) Legacy Imaging Surveys has added increased sky and wavelength coverage to the already completed companion surveys. The survey is designed to improve our understanding of dark energy […]

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Uncovering the Evolution of Different-Sized Dinosaurs: Researchers Examine Bones for Answers

For centuries, scientists have been perplexed by the evolution of different-sized dinosaurs, from the gigantic T. rex to the smaller Velociraptor.[0] In a recent paper appearing in Science, Ohio University professor Patrick O’Connor and Ph.D. student Riley Sombathy, among other researchers, investigated the bones of non-avialan theropod dinosaurs and concluded that there is no correlation […]

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Carnegie Institution Discovers Extraordinary Planetary System with Jupiter-Sized Gas Giant

A team of astronomers led by Shubham Kanodia of the Carnegie Institution for Science have discovered an extraordinary planetary system.[0] This system includes a Jupiter-sized gas giant orbiting a small red dwarf star called TOI-5205.[1] The findings, which were published in The Astronomical Journal, challenge the long-held beliefs about planet formation.[2] The most commonly accepted […]

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